money market instruments

money market instruments

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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  • money market instruments — pinigų rinkos priemonės statusas Aprobuotas sritis kolektyvinio investavimo subjektų veikla apibrėžtis 1) Suderintajam kolektyvinio investavimo subjektui – likvidžios priemonės, kuriomis paprastai prekiaujama pinigų rinkoje ir kurių vertę bet… …   Lithuanian dictionary (lietuvių žodynas)

  • money market instruments — / mʌni ˌmɑ:kɪt ˌɪnstrυmənts/ plural noun short term investments, such as CDs, which can be easily turned into cash and are traded on the money markets …   Dictionary of banking and finance

  • money market deposit account — ( MMDA) A bank deposit account designed to pay a higher rate of interest to depositors than might otherwise be earned in checking or savings accounts. Money market deposit accounts do not have specified maturities. Their rates are administered by …   Financial and business terms

  • money-market instrument — ➔ instrument * * * money market instrument UK US noun [C] FINANCE ► a debt that is sold as an investment on the money market: »Both Treasury Bills and Certificate of Deposit are considered the best money market instruments …   Financial and business terms

  • money market — the short term trade in money, as in the sale and purchase of bonds and certificates. [1925 30] * * * Set of institutions, conventions, and practices whose aim is to facilitate the lending and borrowing of money on a short term basis. The money… …   Universalium

  • Money market — This article is about the financial market. For the fund type, see Money market fund. For the bank deposit account, see Money market account. Finance …   Wikipedia

  • Money market in India — Financial markets Public market Exchange Securities Bond market Fixed income Corporate bond Government bond Municipal bond …   Wikipedia

  • money market — The aggregation of buyers and sellers actively trading money market instruments. American Banker Glossary money markets are for borrowing and lending money for three years or less. The securities in a money market can be U.S. government bonds,… …   Financial and business terms

  • money market instrument — The broadest definition of a money market instrument is a short term debt instrument that is purchased from a broker, dealer, or bank. Sometimes the term money market is used more restrictively by further defining short term to mean an instrument …   Financial and business terms

  • money market fund — noun A mutual fund that invests almost exclusively in short term money market instruments whose value is deemed unlikely to fluctuate …   Wiktionary

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